Anvil Salute

Unsalt a Veil


Recorded: B. Kennedy in Norman, OK May 2009. Additional Tracking: July & August 2009.
Initial mixes:B. Kennedy.
Final mixes and mastering: Tom Goheen, March–May 2012.
Released: October 31, 2012
Running Time: 42:17

Personnel: T. Fagin, G. Wingfield, B. Fielder, B. Kennedy, and R. Lewis. K. Stevens appears on Cucumber Calm.

New Crusaders of the Eleventh Commandment


Released by Maritime Fist Glee Club August 2006. Recorded at KKSBAF House, Norman, OK mostly during November-December 2005, but some from February–May 2006. Engineered and mixed as needed by B. Fielder. Additional mastering by K. Baldridge. All songs by Anvil Salute, except "Sugar Baby" (trad., arr. by Anvil Salute, loosley based on Dock Boggs' version. "Krofftland" originally appeared on "Pink Gold" (Gold Soundz #56).

Personnel: T. Fagin, G. Wingfield, B. Fielder, K. Stevens, J. Butler, R. Loftiss, K. Ahmadi (on "Krofftland")

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