"Constructions One" Dream #6

Reviewed in Dream #6 (May 2006) by George Parsons:

Eleven untitled instrumentals from the trio Christian Asplund, Michael Lee, and Blake Wilkins recorded live at the University of Oklahoma in early 2005. A wide range of instrumentation: gongs, rattles, bowls, piano, vibes, drums, many percussive objects, bass (plucked and bowed), violin, and viola? Like gamelan bats in first flight after a long day; fluttering and filling the dusk with subtle activities. Minimal notes, so I'm guessing. They play with a lot of respect for each others' space, but they are all vibrant in their own way worthy of primary focus. From jazzy, to chamber music precision, to more abstract sonic explorations. Beautiful highly organic improvisational signs of life, with plenty of chills, spills, suspense, and ghostly mystery.



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