Boom Boxer Rebellion

Hagerman-Wingfield Duo "Boom Boxer Rebellion"


Recorded: 12/98-11/99
Released: 12/25/99
Running time: 87 min.

Casey Hagerman & Gabe Wingfield


  1. After the Parity
  2. The Mundaneum
  3. Flutters Atumble
  4. Breaking the Puppet Show
  5. No Time Flat
  6. Jam in D
  7. Staging the Transatlantic Slink
  8. You're the Non-navigator
  9. Your Telephone Body

Yes, it was an Xmas gift for the few and the faithful. The total "pressing" was limited to a ludicrously small number of 15. How's that for instantly out of print, instantly collectible?

This is only one of the covers. Thanks are due to the nameless mid-60's advertisement for this one. Some would call it copyright infringement; I prefer to think of it as creative recycling.