Ever Now Those Before

Spagirus "Ever Now Those Before"


Recorded: March-April 2003
Released: 07/04/2003
Running time: ~64 min.
Additional mastering by Kenny Baldridge.

Gregory Elliott / mystery


  1. Ever Now Those Before
  2. Every Vanished Person
  3. Opiwu
  4. Felt Without Skin
  5. Quiver Field
  6. Washed Content

Treated sample compositions. That's all of the information about the 5 tracks on this release. It's difficult to pinpoint what, if anything, actually was the original source material. Greg has slowed down, folded, mangled and otherwise mutilated the sounds so much as to make them something completely foreign, something completely other.

And to make this transformation complete, the CDr provides a number of different listening experiences. Played at a normal volume, it is an exercise in new minimalism or lowercase sound where one must intensely listen to the sounds as they unfold and dissipate, but if one turns up the volume.... A new aural situation presents itself. Those sounds that were barely on the edge of hearing come violently to life. The muted burblings and sub-bass harmonics threaten to destroy speakers.

Either way, it's a fun ride. Limited to 145.

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"Ever Now Those Before" The Broken Face #17

Appeared in issue #17 (September 2003) of The Broken Face. Written by Mats Gustafsson.

"Ever Now Those Before" oklahomarock.com

Written by Chris Rodriguez. Posted & reviewed online at oklahomarock.com (Jan 2004):

"Ever Now Those Before" Dream #7

Reviewed in Dream Magazine #7:

Five droning suites of sound and folded space; some more texturally crunchy than others. Big sleepy ghosts rolling around as massive shifting shapes that stir the air with roots that reach all the way to the center of the earth. Humming deep earthly tones and factories made of glass spewing out thick fragrant smoke rings into the cool evening air.