Guardian Of The Cattle

Gavagai "Guardian Of The Cattle"


Recorded: October-December 2003
Released: 03/23/04
Running time: 72:18
Additional mastering by Kenny Baldridge.

Jesse Butler, Lily Butler, Gregory Elliott


  1. Ioranlaqaer
  2. Eori Soma
  3. The Alliance Between War And Plague
  4. Nefesh Twakan
  5. Feverish Skies
  6. Sohin Oringo
  7. Guardian Of The Cattle
  8. Transdimensional Exile
  9. Web Into Strand

Organic drones and free folk from two guys typically operating in a digital context. That is to say, this is atypical from the rest of their catalog only insofar as the instruments used are all acoustic. The results are quite beautiful, sometimes sublime, and, well, like the instruments used... it resonates.

Not to sound glib or overly-gushy, it's a wonderful aberration in their recorded output. 12 & 6-string guitar, mountain dulcimer, hand drums, flutes, recorders, and various other things bowed, plucked and scraped. It's psychedelic and droning at times, and others it's good plain good music. At all times it makes me think of the newest Pelt records or some bands that call Jeweled Antler home. Maybe this is the first open letter to rest of the artists loosely (& perhaps erroneously) labeled as "New Weird America." Whatever the case may be, the record's killer.

Limited to 123.

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"Guardian of the Cattle"

Written by Chris Rodriguez. Posted & reviewed online at (July 2004):

Gavagai is out to prove that a darkened forest is in fact much more frightening than any crime soaked city. Guardian of the Cattle is a meticulously built rural auralscape featuring plucked folk instruments, ethnic drones and the terrifying sounds of isolation.

"Guardian of the Cattle" Dream #7

Reviewed in Dream Magazine #7:

Hypnotic muddy swirls in flowing river water. Improvisational rhythmic group interactions unintentionally revealing bucolic surroundings whether real or imagined. Some pieces feel slightly more premeditated than others, though they all exude an organic/acoustic vibe, as well as an abiding respect the soft-spoken end of the spectrum. A trio made up of Greg Elliott, Jesse Butler, and Lily Butler making sacred sounds in their living rooms.