Midwest In Mono

Stephen J. "Midwest In Mono"


Recorded: (roughly) between December 2003 and March 2004, with some exceptions
Released: 07/10/04
Running time: 34:00

Personnel: Matt Carson, Brian Brewer, Joseph Whitt, Jesse Butler, Ben Levy, & Grandpa Bill


  1. Sunday, 5 a.m.
  2. Big Blue House
  3. Master of None
  4. Come In, Get Dry
  5. Wings On
  6. 12-27
  7. Windmill Lounge
  8. Step-Brother
  9. Letter (Never Sent)
  10. Stephen J.
  11. Suitable for Framing

No ifs, and or buts, this is a pop record. A down tempo, film noir soundtrack to fevered dreams and lost loves. Who's I'm not really sure, but it plays as though it comes from the mind of the bastard son of Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits sans bone machine or backing choir. The vocals are slurred as a gunslinger sashays. That is to say, with a cool demeanor and a hint of violence underneath. Well-crafted, creepy and beautifol, and if anyone tells you otherwise, well then, they're damn dirty liars.

More to come when it comes to mind. In the meantime, listen and decide for yourself.

Limited to ~125.

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"Midwest in Mono" Dream #7

Reviewed in Dream Magazine #7:

Ghostly Americana evaporating in a dusty trail of moonlight. Desperation glimmers around the edges, but there’s often warmth and reassurance at the core. This is not a person; but Matt Carson sings in a pleasant resonant voice that gives this a distinctive personality, it’s a quartet, and none of them are named stephen. Gently softspoken folk rock that goes in and out of focus. Some pieces are fairly straightforward and songlike, while others veer off the garden path into the woods and briars.

"Midwest in Mono" independentclauses.com

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