New Crusaders of the Eleventh Commandment


Released by Maritime Fist Glee Club August 2006. Recorded at KKSBAF House, Norman, OK mostly during November-December 2005, but some from February–May 2006. Engineered and mixed as needed by B. Fielder. Additional mastering by K. Baldridge. All songs by Anvil Salute, except "Sugar Baby" (trad., arr. by Anvil Salute, loosley based on Dock Boggs' version. "Krofftland" originally appeared on "Pink Gold" (Gold Soundz #56).

Personnel: T. Fagin, G. Wingfield, B. Fielder, K. Stevens, J. Butler, R. Loftiss, K. Ahmadi (on "Krofftland")


  1. Whirlpool, Tortoise & Hare
  2. Plushies Unite
  3. Krofftland
  4. A Word With Every Apple
  5. Platt National Forest 1919
  6. Hidden Languages
  7. Sugar Baby
  8. Stylish Cope 

What the band says:

GABE: "It's the band's second proper full-length. All new stuff... sort of. It includes "Krofftland", which was originally on "Pink Gold" released by Gold Soundz, and "Hidden Languages" was originally written for Todd's sister's wedding. Sentimental, really. The album shows off the slightly folkier side of the band, features banjo, acoustic guitars, bongos, esraj, bulbul tarang, and a bunch of other things. There's even a cover of "Sugar Baby" loosely based on Dock Boggs' version. It's good stuff if we do say so ourselves."

TODD: "an homage to purveyors of a technicolor childhood; ruminations on the darker aspects of oklahoma's history; unwittingly found in translation; an interesting fetish; rock-a-bye baby!; let's keep that doctor away; of plants? of bees? of everything!; it was not a fair race after all. and it's all here. and there. those inspirations, translated into these songs. eight to be exact. at times a bit folky. maybe a pop flare hither and tither. mixed with a convergence of cacophony and cultures: bells and bowls, dulcimer and esraj, banjos and bulbul tarang, and we shan't forget the drums, the bass, the guitars, the flute.... and did we mention that it's all here, waiting to be heard. by you. won't you give it a listen?"

JESSE: "Imagine the soulless, sex-starved victims comprising today's Bible Belt youth gyrating their hips to the fiddlin, pickin, and thumpin sounds of their hillbilly ancestors and you will begin to understand the revelations revealed by the New Crusaders of the 11th Commandment. This is real spiritual music, stripped of all dogma and belief. We're not talking about souls or the afterlife here, but rather the visceral kind of spirituality that you can feel in yer bones, where everything real is present now, laid out before you, in you, and through you. Anvil Salute reaches down into the core of rural Americana, delicately deconstructing it into layered patterns of sound that shift, build, and fall apart, all at the same time. But don't forget to throw in a jawari-vibrating Hindu mystic, a skull-thumping African shaman, and a chanting Tibetan monk with singing bowl in hand too, as the sound of the 11th Commandment is not limited to its homely origins. Like any syncretic religious movement worth its salt, this crusade contains elements of all good things and presents them in a new light, freshly posed to ignite the fervor of the initiated. Get a copy now and enlighten your sorry sack of bones while you can."

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