The Second Buckle is Out of Fun

Hagerman-Wingfield Duo "The Second Buckle is Out of Fun"


Recorded: 12/26–27/99
Released: 2/14/00
Running time: 71 min.

Casey Hagerman & Gabe Wingfield


  1. Weddings I Never Went To
  2. All the House Squared
  3. Belgium Wants to Play Tetherball
  4. The Second Buckle is Out of Fun
  5. When El Mastodon Bursts in Uninvited (& Gets Funky)
  6. 13 & Naked in a Stampede
  7. Inspector General
  8. Be Pleased, Lottery Heart
  9. Make My Ego Go

It was not my intention to make this 2nd release to coincide with another holiday, but the spirit moved us. We played from that not-so happy place, missing those we love. Boo hoo hoo.

Upon closer inspection what we played just happened to be the best thing we have ever done. That recording session appears here almost in its entirety. Limited to 50.