Three O'Clock Target

Locust Avenue "Three O'Clock Target"


Recorded: Late 2007 by Chris Harris at Atomic Sound with additional tracking at Bell Labs, Norman, OK
Released: 02/07/08
Running time: 39:48

Personnel: Jeff Richardson, Jeff Cooper, Blaine Palmer
Artwork: Cody Haltom


  1. Frenzy
  2. Hold On
  3. Skeletons
  4. Curtains
  5. Doorways
  6. Down The Line
  7. Unglued
  8. Loaded
  9. Get Off The Farm

This time we only had to wait nearly 3 years between records. This is the third full-length by Locust Avenue, and it just so happens to be the longest Locust Avenue CD so far. I still haven't figured out why they can't seem to break the 40 minute mark, but it doesn't really matter I suppose at least not when the songs are as good as these. The three-piece presented here brings back the full country twang and pulls out a bit of the garage rock aesthetic too. Don't take my word for it though. Listen to the sample tracks and then get on the bandwagon and pick up a copy for yourself.

Limited to 319.

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Locust Avenue formed in Norman, Oklahoma after the guys got together as a Kinks tribute band, Locust Avenue went their separate ways, reformed, and eventually joined up with guitarist, Todd Walker (Defenestration). Led by the strong songwriting talents of Jeff Richardson (guitar/vocals) Jeff Cooper and Blaine Palmer provide bass and drums to a soundtrack of pain, love, and longing – you know all the things of solid musical fodder.

"Three O'Clock Target" QRO Magazine Online

Appearing at QRO Magazine. Online here. Written by Graham Goodwin | Wednesday, 25 June 2008. It received a 7.0 out of 10.0. That's pretty good.